Drawing and Painting Studio

Located in the Arts and Sciences building on the North East campus, the drawing and painting studio is equipped with everything a learning artist needs to execute outstanding work.  Flexible control over lighting, plenty of floor space and good ventilation make this an ideal space for studio drawing and oil painting.  It is also a classroom and design studio where students can spread out at large tables, learning compositional principles through hands-on techniques.   The studio’s computers are furnished with Adobe CC design software for blending hands-on and digital techniques and for doing classroom research. 

Ceramics Studio

Located at the Elkton Station Campus, Cecil’s ceramics studio features spaces for handbuilding, wheel-throwing, clay preparation and glazing. The studio is equipped with a slab roller, pugmill, manual extruder, four electric kilns, and Brent electric wheels. An Olympic gas raku kiln is housed outside. The glaze area features stainless worktables, digital scales, and a fully stocked chemical closet. Because a separate three-dimensional design art room is located down the hall, students can easily collaborate with students and faculty in sculpture and three-dimensional design courses.

The Visual Communications Lab

The VCP lab is open six days a week during the semester to provide support for students, equipment rental and facility usage. We maintain multiple computer classrooms with the latest programs, including a video editing suite with powerful MacPro computers equipped with dual screens for movie making and game design education. Our facilities are regularly updated by lab staff with the latest versions of digital editing software and we’re constantly acquiring the latest hardware for various media productions.

Lab staff also maintains three commercial photography/video studios with professional lighting and equipment. Students can rent professional-grade equipment from the lab for use during, or after class.

Some of our hardware:
C5100 Canon, E4900 Epson, and E7900 Epson printers, three V-750 Epson scanners, two Makerbot 3D printers

A non-comprehensive list of rental items:
Canon 5D Mark III, II, Sony Alphas, Canon 7D, 70D, t5i, xsi cameras
various Canon prime, and zoom lenses
Sony video cameras, Audio/Sound recording equipment; Xoom, Sony
Diva lights and Alien B light packs

Elkton Station Gallery

A key participant in the Elkton Arts and Entertainment District, the Elkton Station Gallery hosts First Friday openings featuring professional and student artists. In December and May, art majors in Professional Portfolio Production present Capstone Exhibits. Capstone exhibits are the highlight of theArt and Design Student.

Each semester, student work is featured at the Elkton Station Gallery demonstrating the wide range of work created in the program.

Milburn Stone Gallery

Designed to enhance cultural awareness and to serve as an educational tool, the exhibits provide original works for viewing by students, professionals and the public.

Arts and Science building Popup Gallery!