My name is Will Shea and i am pursuing my passion for video production and other visual arts like photography but mostly focusing in the film/ video industry. I enjoy making projects that force the audience to think without holding their hand but also without confusing them. The themes and ideas i wish to convey vary from dramatic to comedic and i simply want my audience to find joy in something that is also rather deep or complex. I often try simple angles in videos and photoshop which serves as a good frame for me to experiment with different aesthetics. Although when i have a specific aesthetic in mind no mater if it is video or an image i try to make a frame or angle assist in creating a certain aesthetic except for just relying on colors and sfx. I find that when it comes to making stories with film you should trust the audience to understand the concepts you are presenting instead dumbing down. Which is why i find my work so important to me i wanna prove that you can make a detailed quality story with bold ideas without treating a viewer like a lost child.

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December 1, 2021