Taylor Stanley


               I am primarily a traditional artist, but I also make digital art. With my art, I like to create thought provoking pieces that are supposed to helps end the stigma and invisibility that surrounds mental health. I also like creating other more wholesome works as well surrounding the characters I created for a comic. I have a lot of knowledge in several different medias that I like to use. I am a studio artist for the most part. I like making portraits and still lives as well as atmospheric pieces. My work sometimes depicts disturbing subjects, such as body horror, satire, and death in my work. I use monotoned palettes to violently colorful schemes. I do not think artwork needs to be censored, especially if trying to get a point across. (Although, I will respect others if they do not like it if it triggers harmful urges or feelings to themselves, that is totally fine). I also like to create illustrations and rather tame pieces as well. I like to have fun and discover different techniques. I still want to show the light and friendly side of me.  I also want to become a concept artist, which is way my concentration is graphic design because I think there is something magical in bringing someone else’s ideas. I had a hard time as I child. I think that influences me today. I hope to expand my work even more in the future.

Contact me at: Email: t.a.stanley@gmail.com Instagram: @t.a.stanley


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May 12, 2021