Sean Sjoblom

My name is Sean Sjoblom and I enjoy making video games and video game assets. Most of the images being used come from games and game concepts that I have developed in the past. These assets are created to induce a sense of unease or fear in the viewer.

Unity, Zbrush, and Maya where the primary tools used in the creation of these games and assets. In Zbrush the assets can be sculpted to create more detailed models and Maya is good for making a more polished design.

Otherwise, Photoshop has proven to be invaluable to the creation of 2D assets. My inspiration is horror games in general. Horror allows a person to break most of the conventional rules of design and writing. This allows them to create with more freedom than with other genres. I want my viewer to have the image of the things I create to stay with them some time after they look away. Horror is one of my favorite genres because the feelings that it can give you tends to stick with you far more persistently then any other medium.



Posted on

May 6, 2020