My name is Sarah Harter. I am a photographer. I make images both in and out of the studio. In the studio I take pictures of product, and I take pictures of people. The products I shoot tend to be centered around food. I also make images outside of the studio. I have shot a couple of weddings, both as a second shooter and on my own. I also have done a couple of portrait sessions. I work at Lifetouch Sports.

My work is a menagerie of ideas. From sports to product. As a photographer I like to explore different subjects. I like posing people in their natural environment, such as them posing for sports portraits in their uniforms. I also like posing people in a beautiful, and and flattering poses in studio. I use light to make a product visually appealing and compositionally interesting. I also just like going out and photographing what I come across whether it is going to the zoo or going to a lake and photographing boats, or the freezing water.

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