Sage Truelove

Spring 2023, Cecil College Visual Communications Program


Final portfolio project

I create for myself and for those who share the same interests, to transform a beloved character into a different style or to make original characters that can be grown to be loved. I often work from pre-existing characters that catch my attention whether it’s the style, design, or color palette. I investigate the styles of fellow artists and study facial expressions and poses. This process helps me develop my distinct linework and coloring style. 


While I choose to work mostly with digital media, I also occasionally work with charcoal, graphite, scratchboard, or paint. Digital media became more reliable and accessible for me. I explore color palettes in my work to symbolize ideas such as power, anguish, neutrality, or subtle joy. 


My artwork reflects my personality, interests, and attempts to connect with others who share those interests. The process of artmaking allows me to express my emotions in the work. What I create varies depending on how I feel because emotion guides the subject matter and tone of the work.