Robyn Frampton

Spring 2023, Cecil College Art & Design Program



“Life is like a painting and you should splash all the colors you can on it!”
–Danny Kaye–

My artwork is focused around the beauty in nature, positive affirmations to inspire hope and serenity, and perseverance. Creating art takes the physical pain and burdensome emotions off my mind. Some people fail to recognize or are simply too busy to see the beauty and value in life. My art is designed to encourage all people to smile. Most of my pieces have someone in mind, and I contemplate what that person could be feeling. I want my artwork to be motivational and helpful to those around me.

I often take my sketchbook and go for long walks in the woods until I find streams or rivers. I sit beside the water and let it take my mind away until I’m relaxed enough to focus. My family and friends have always been very influential in my work. My great grandparents were artists whom I emulate through my poetry and my paintings. Nature, classical music, poetry and great artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Da Vinci are wonderful inspirations that drive me. I also enjoy the colorful display of flowers and butterflies. I incorporate them in the majority of my artwork because I recognize them as a symbol of hope, and that gives me inner peace.

I utilize a variety of mediums, and continue to explore new ways to create my work. The mediums that I use the most are watercolor, acrylic paint, markers, and color pencils. I enjoy using color as symbolism in my work. Vibrant colors encourage the viewer to find light and hope in a dark world. Coupled with color, I include inspirational messages to create a sense of joy and happiness. I write out my emotions within the words of my poetry. Through my paintings, I prefer to put on a smile, fill my heart with love and compassion, and share my brighter side with the world.

Robyn Frampton
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