Robert James Harrigan

Spring 2023, Cecil College Visual Communications Program 


I’m Robert James Harrigan, I go by both Robert and James; Feel free to call me either. I love being involved in various creative endeavors. I mainly focus on film and photography but I also enjoy illustration and compositing. I enjoy being able to tell a story whether it be through film or a single picture. I started my creative endeavors when I was a little child. I was obsessed with films growing up, watching a lot of movies featuring Jackie Chan and Bruce lee. Of course I also watched the classic Star Wars and cartoons. Then I discovered YouTube and saw so many creative individuals making their own short films and videos. I was then inspired to follow their footsteps in creativity. My final goal is to share a story with anyone who is willing to view my work. My hope is that every viewer is filled with the same excited or amazed feeling I got when I was growing up or even now.