Riley Brady

Spring 2023, Cecil College Visual Communications Program



Creating digital art in Photoshop is a versatile and exciting medium that allows artists to create beautiful, intricate works of art using a variety of tools and techniques. One of the most popular ways to create digital art in Photoshop is by using watercolor brushes, which allow artists to mimic the texture and depth of traditional watercolor paintings. 

For this project, I decided to focus on different Asian pagodas as my subject matter. The unique architecture of each pagoda presented a fascinating challenge, as I had to balance the intricate details of each building with the loose, flowing nature of watercolor painting. By experimenting with different brush settings and layering techniques, I was able to create a series of digital paintings that captured the beauty and essence of each pagoda. 

The use of watercolor brushes allowed me to create subtle textures and washes of color, adding depth and emotion to each piece. The result was a collection of stunning, expressive images that celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Asia.