Remy Baugher

Remy Baugher is a maximalist existing between extremes, drawn to overloaded senses and semiotic discord. Adrift in the continuum hidden within binary identities and ideology, their work is an act of reconciling with the pervasive tension in the examined self and a world of mixed messages, through layered color forms, parodic anachronism, compression artifacts, and absurd prose.

The presented work is in homage to a postmodern indictment of hegemony in design and cultural narrative. It is a celebration of the degradation that occurs in iterative process, fallen short of an arbitrary sense of the ideal representation. There is revelry in disrupting the purpose of familiar symbolic vocabulary, as in the hyperbolic redundancy of marketing language, or vintage cartoon motifs, to convey mundane anxieties.

In some cases, legibility and/or conventional visual hierarchy are abandoned. The series One Weird Trick is comprised of loosely-defined poems titled as though they were used in advertising efforts or sensationalized “click bait” web articles from a third party. One Weird Trick is an act of reclaiming exploitative media representation in order to reinforce subjective experience and the power of typically unheard voices to create and disseminate cultural artifacts in our contemporary digital world.



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May 11, 2015