Matthew Smith

My name is Matthew E. Smith Jr, the work that gives me the joy to create usually consist of cartoonish drawings, animations, and recently, game design. In my series of work, there isn’t really a message or theme trying to be communicated. The work was made just for the fun of creating said work. Most of my work starts off as a simple brain-storm of what I want the final product to look like. Once something has been physically drawn out, tweaks and modifications will be made until I am satisfied with it. Sometimes this results in a final product that is different from what was initially planned out. My work is inspired by the various videogames/cartoons that pique my interest. My work is important to me because I like to be able to create works similar to that of works that bring me happiness. My most recent project is a game made in Unity. This is a game made with pixel art and various sprites.

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