Lance Workman 

Spring 2024, Cecil College Visual Communications Program



Lance Workman is a filmmaker born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Solanco High School in 2021 where he discovered his passion for storytelling and writing. He began his penmanship with poetry winning several scholastic awards for his collections. As he grew older he became fascinated by the visual arts, film and video in particular. Since then he has written, directed, and produced nearly a dozen short films. He attended a year of film school at Temple University before transferring to Cecil Community College where he attained an Associate’s degree in Visual Communications with a focus in film and video. Going forward he plans to work freelance to develop his talents and knowledge in the craft of filmmaking while continuing to write and develop his own independent projects.


Have you ever felt like you were alive but not living? Don’t Forget to Disappear was intended as a reminder to not disappear. Though the title seems to be saying the opposite, it was written as if from the mouth of society who too often tells us to conceal ourselves in our work. This all encompassing detachment is constantly upheld as a positive value and oftentimes admired. We should not have to erase ourselves in order to find success. Yet so many of us do. This short is an ode to anyone who ever lost themselves in the pursuit of happiness.