Kierra Willis

Kierra Willis is a Graphic Designer located near the Tri-State area. A retired Army brat, she learned at
a young age that compassion and adventure was key to creating a beautiful world. Graduating from Cecil
College in May, and perusing her life’s calling as a Graphic Designer. After studying Graphic Design for eleven
years, she’s ready to start a career in the design world.

She interned at her school’s Marketing department, and one of her designs was used for the school’s winter
transportation campaign, the “Green Loop”. Kierra’s a fun yet focused team player that’s also an independent
thinker. She is creative, compassionate, ambitious, family oriented, and career driven. Her designs are colorful, bold,
and fun, also her work shows a passion for Art & Design.

Kierra currently resides in Elkton, Maryland.


For my Capstone project I decided to create a food truck design for Cecil College and the Seahawk Café
after producing a rough draft of a food truck mock up called “FooDee”. For this design I wanted the logo to have
a varsity-chic look. I also wanted to present the menu in a nice, fun marketing package. I incorporated the school’s
colors (blue and green) for the truck’s color scheme. Food has to be quick, delicious, and fun for college kids.
So I added some cool and fun items onto the menu like fish tacos, sushi, and veggie burgers. All of the designs
were created in Adobe Creative Suite, using Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign.

kierra-willis-vcp-cecil-college-untitled-5-of-5 kierra-willis-vcp-cecil-college-untitled-1-of-5 kierra-willis-vcp-cecil-college-untitled-2-of-5 kierra-willis-vcp-cecil-college-untitled-3-of-5 kierra-willis-vcp-cecil-college-untitled-4-of-5


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May 12, 2015