Kat George

Spring 2021, Cecil College Art & Design Program


Kat George is a Maryland based artist with experience in traditional and digital art including illustration, graphic design, painting and printmaking. She comes from a background working in both mental health and the arts. After working in the mental health field for nearly a decade, she decided to return to art as a career. Over that decade she noticed many changes in the field of art especially in how the value of digital art was perceived. Her current work ranges from traditional to digital media and explores themes of connection and defining meaning through emotional journeys.

She began doing freelance design and illustration commissions in 2016. She then continued on to sell work at events such as fairs, festivals and conventions. Kat has also taught community-based art classes at events, conventions and in collaboration with the New Castle County Art Studio in Wilmington DE. In spring 2019, she decided to take a digital imaging class at Cecil. Interest in that one class grew to enrolling as a Digital Imaging certificate student and eventually transferring credits in to complete an AFA in Graphic Design at Cecil College.

Over her time at Cecil College, she worked on traditional illustration while incorporated digital edits of her work and began to do more sketching digitally as well. She used the digital imaging and graphic design skills she learned at Cecil to help her secure a position as a Graphic Designer with a government contractor in 2019. While working as a graphic designer, she continues to explore her personal artistic style outside of work.

Over 2020 and 2021, she moved away from creating animal and nature based illustration to focus more on figure and portrait drawing in her personal artwork. Her current career art goal is to improve design and layout skills to create more effective and eye catching graphic design or marketing assets. Her personal art goal is to create portrait work with a focus on the subjects finding meaning or connection to their world. Her spring 2021 capstone series is a reflection of her progress with refining her personal artistic style.