Juliette Miller

Juliette Miller was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1961 before moving to the United States in the 80s. She is a full-time artist and student creating work that to bring happiness to her and her audience. She began her studies as a nursing major, but shortly after, she decided to realize her dreams and focus on an art degree.

First introduced to art from the elaborately framed paintings within her family home, she had the opportunity to travel to museums throughout her youth. Her first art teacher was her mother, who taught her how to paint and draw after noticing her fondness for art as a child.  In addition, she visited her grandmother’s garden where she admired the beautiful flowers and vibrant colors. Her grandmother was the president of Le Botanic in Brussels, the center of Belgium. This event, which brought people from different parts of Belgium to display exquisite flowers, has a profound influence on Juliette’s work. Juliette strives to create art that shows the beauty of art, culture, and nature. She does this by painting natural motifs to look as real as possible.

Juliette’s work is meant to spark joy within the viewer and to promote the idea that anyone can create art because of the subjective nature of art. She explores various materials, but focuses on graphite pencil, ink, and gouache. inspired by nature and artists like Rene. Magritte, color and value play a large role in the viewer’s experience of her work.  Juliette is currently pursuing an Associate of Art and Design at Cecil College and plans to continue her studies at a four-year college or university.

My main artistic value is to bring about joy to those who see my art. This value is important to me is because I create art in order to enhance my mood and I want to transfer that enhancement to others.  I want my art to bring people together

One of my favorite works that I have created is my piece titled A Rose. This piece sparks joy to the viewer because it reflects the aspect of rebirth and renewal by depicting a freshly bloomed rose. The piece was created with oil pastels which helped bring a sense of softness to the drawing compared to the harshness of pencil.

A certain theme that I am focusing on while completing my goals as an artist is to take in inspiration from the ever-changing nature around us and how those changes can evoke different feelings. One of my influences when coming up with this theme was the memory of my grandmother’s garden. As a child, whenever I visited her garden, I always felt a sense of happiness and safety when there. My main goal when completing these works is to transport the viewer to those times during my childhood. A specific memory that I draw upon when creating art is the trips I took with my father and grandmother to the botanical gardens. These trips acted as a sense of escape from the chaos of reality and that aura is what I want to replicate in my work.

               I work with a wide range of media that allow for me to pick and choose how my art is perceived. I work with paints, pencils, ink, and pen. I work on corresponding papers and I like to work on Bristol board for pieces using multiple mediums. I am not afraid to try and use unfamiliar mediums and media and I approach those experiences as challenges that end up being successes and allows me to add more things to my arsenal as an artist.



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December 3, 2020