Josiah Humphries

My name is Josiah Humphries and I am a simulation and game design major at Cecil College. My artwork is usually either images made with Photoshop or 3D models made in Maya. My assets are mainly made using Photoshop. These images and 3D models are mainly used as assets for video games. A lot of the 2D images that I make for games are inspired by old games I used to play as a kid. They usually take inspiration from platformers like “Mario” or various role playing games that I enjoyed playing.

Below are a few examples of the work I created at Cecil College.

The video above is of me clicking through the presentation I made for my capstone. Unfortunately I was unable to record audio so instead I included the script for my presentation.


Hello, my name is Josiah Humphries. I am a simulation and game design student at Cecil College, and I am about to finish my 3rd year here.

I have had an interest in making video games since I was little. I came to Cecil College to learn the skills needed to pursue a career in game design. Throughout my time at Cecil I have taken several VCP classes that have helped me reach that goal.


                The first class I took at Cecil was photography.  This class focused on teaching the very basics of photography. These are the two best photos I took in the class.

      Digital Imaging 1&2

                The classes I took next were digital imaging 1 and 2. In this class we learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I learned how to edit photos, recolor images, create composites, and repair damaged photos.

      Video Production

                Next, I took video production. In this class I learned how to film and edit videos. I made three videos while in the class. I filmed a tutorial on how to change the batteries in a camera, a fake commercial about duct tape, and a mini documentary about the Chesapeake Feline Association.

        Intro to Game Design

After that I took intro to game design. In this class we learned how to make basic games in a program called Unity. I made several platformer games while in the class. These are some of the asset for one of those games.

                3D modeling for Real Time Environments and Intro to 3D modeling and Animation

Next, I took 3D modeling for Real Time Environments as well as Intro to 3D modeling and Animation. In these classes I made various 3D models of people and animals, as well as two animations using the programs Maya and Zbrush. I am very proud of the work from these classes because I feel my models and animations got better as time went on.

        Digital Imaging 4

                After this I took Digital Imaging 4. In this class I learned how to make websites. I made two websites in the class. I made a site about the artist Andy Warhol and a digital portfolio made with Adobe Muse.

Multimedia Production

                The last VCP class I have taken is multimedia production. In this class we used Adobe Animate to make a variety of different projects. In this class I made an animation of a robot walking, an interactive comic strip, and two games. One where you control a spaceship. And another where you pay as a car with the goal of avoiding traffic cones that appear in the road.


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April 20, 2020