Jaivik Patel


Spring 2023, Cecil College Fine Arts Program


Professional Portfolio Production Project

Jaivik Patel is an Art and Design student at Cecil College. He has lived in Elkton, MD his entire life. In his spare time his hobbies include, Teaching Karate at the YMCA in Elkton, and also working on his personal art. Jaivik went to Elkton High School, and also graduated from the Cecil County School of Technology in their Interactive Media Productions Program. During his time at Elkton High he took an art class every year. Up until he became a student at Cecil College he had not participated in any art contests, galleries, and exhibitions, believing his work to be mediocre compared to what people mainly saw. 

Inspired by art styles of manga and comic book artists, I create characters who can interact with each other, work with each other, and even work against each other. The characters I create are often self-portraits where I am depicted as either a superhero, god, villain, or a regular human being. My art doesn’t tell a story. My art is a representation of what I could have been in another universe. There is no real deeper meaning to my work, other than it is just a representation of me. I can become anything I want to be through my art. Art should be a way to free yourself from the harsh reality of of life, and provide an outlet for your growth. My primary medium is graphite/charcoal, because above all else it is where most people start producing their art. Graphite allows me to explore gray tones, and values that would otherwise be extremely difficult to achieve with anything else. Charcoal lets me experiment deeper with creating value, and achieving much greater detail than with other mediums. My art doesn’t symbolize any deep meaning in my life. I believe that being tied down by things such as symbolism doesn’t allow me to create what I want, to experience life how I wish for it to be experienced.