Heather Morris

Fall 2020, Cecil College Art & Design Program


As an artist and designer, I work in many different mediums. My process involves gathering elements and arranging them in a way to communicate an idea, express an emotion, or to please the eye. As a photographer, I place elements to evoke emotion or develop a narrative. As a floral designer, I explore color and texture through the arrangement and pairing of different flowers. As an artist, I manipulate and combine paper, paint and color to create visual effects.

My ideas develop from drawing and observing my surroundings. The act of drawing and organizing visual elements in a composition is a way to focus. Drawn to simple shapes and lines, I am interested in repeating elements to create rhythm and patterns. Circles are a reoccurring motif along with organic and geometric shapes with floral references. The process of making art and the final product are of importance; exploring the push and pull between chaos and order.

Much like pairing elements in a photograph and flowers in a bouquet, I pair colors and shapes to create abstract designs. Abstraction allows each viewer to experience the work in their own way, bringing with them their own experiences and associations. Each piece can provide a separate and unique journey.