Heather Mackey

When I was young I always like to draw. When I came to Cecil College and took VCP classes I was able to incorporate The directions of light on a figure from photography. Then I learn how to make graphic work in Adobe Illustrator and photoshop and started making digital illustrations. I was inspired by the classic horror movie monsters of the 1920’s through the 1950’s to create my body of work. I use textured brushes and intense colors in Adobe Photoshop to create more three dimensional figures with distinguished light sources. My settings in my illustrations are dark with deep colors of red and blue to set an eerie mood.

Heather-Mackey-axe-murderer-2 Heather-Mackey-cannible Heather-Mackey-demon Heather-Mackey-dracula Heather-Mackey-poe Heather-Mackey-the-bride-of-frankenstein Heather-Mackey-the-end-blur Heather-Mackey-threecheeres Heather-Mackey-vampier-2  Heather-Mackey-zombie-zebra Heather-Mackey-zombie-wolf Heather-Mackey-zombie-tigers Heather-Mackey-zombie-owl Heather-Mackey-zombie-monkey Heather-Mackey-zombie-bear Heather-Mackey-zombie-alligator



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April 3, 2017