Erick Sjoblom

My name is Erick Sjoblom and let me tell you a few things about myself.

First and foremost, a father of a great kid, who works hard and makes his dad proud.

Second, a Professional Engineer with a master’s degree in Engineering, a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, a minor in Music, Math and now an associate degree in Photography, working as a Sr. Avionics Engineer for the Army.

Finally, deep down inside this lifelong learner is an Explorer, Adventurer, Traveler, Photographer and Videographer. For me, an interest in taking pictures and a desire to learn has driven me over the past two years to explore the many details and types of photography.

With one shot at life and one chance to capture a moment in time, my goal is to capture as many of those moments, collect them and share them with anyone interested.  

My love of photography started with Landscape, Outdoor, Nature and Wildlife Photography, but has grown  into many other aspects of photography, from the studio to the wide open spaces.

There was very little interest in studio work in the beginning but being a very technical person with an engineering background, the studio became a second home.  There is an attractiveness to getting the perfect light set-up, the perfect exposure, the perfect picture. Except to a perfectionist, nothing is truly perfect so back to the studio.

Working in the studio allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity, from light painting to Black and White Glamour shots, to composite shots. However, being a proud father one piece that is considered the very best of, is a Father Son Portrait/Composite that was done for a Photography Seminar Class.

Growing up in the outdoors, exploring the local woods it was only natural that as an adult my time would be spent in even more far reaching forests and places. Photography has made it possible to capture those memories of far off places and hold them close years later. Photography has made the desire to travel a need to travel.

As retirement age approaches the craving for adventure grows, and this Explorer, Adventurer, Traveler, Photographer and Videographer will be out and about making memories, and living my self-imposed motto “The only thing that comes to those who wait is old age”, and my wait is over.

A few of my Shots over the past two years

Capstone Presentation Video


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May 5, 2020