Elizabeth Mull


Spring 2024 Cecil Collage Visual Communications 



My name is Lizzie Mull and i am a VCP Student majoring in graphic design. My work is heavily inspired by bright colors and repeating designs and often is inspired in some capacity by my surroundings. For instance I have a fictional brand known as Williams Duck chasing service that I designed from the ground up including the branding, brochure and mission statement. My color choices vary, but I often find myself using pastels that are inspired by the impressionist movement or bright contrasting colors. Throughout my pieces I often use myths like the Kraken or the Greek Hydra for inspiration, although I also pull inspiration from real life, such as a music box or a rose. Whenever I start a new design I make four or five good sketches, picking the design that fits the best for what I am trying to accomplish. My goal is to inspire people with my work, whether that is to buy the product I’m advertising or to take a deeper look at one of my pieces. When I started college I came with the willingness to learn and a minor background in design. Now I possess the ability to create anything and the knowledge to adapt, and the flexibility to learn new processes if necessary. 

Synthwave Singles:

 This semester i have been primarily working on a set of pieces i like to call Synthwave singles, a collection that reflects popular neon colors from the 80s. Each of the four posters represents a different song using the colors to create a cohesive body of work.

The songs that inspired me the most were Charma Chameleon by Culture Club, released in 1983, Africa by Toto, released in 1982, 99 Luftballons by Nene Released in 1983 and Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles released in 1986. For all of my projects I utilized Adobe Illustrator, heavenly relying on negative space and lines.