Dana Turner

dt_logo_brownMy name is Dana Turner and I am a Visual Communications Graphic Design major. When I enrolled at Cecil, it wasn’t with intentions of pursuing a career; but rather for self-enrichment, and the opportunity to learn about Photography, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Though I was greatly interested in Graphic Design, I was not quite confident that I could learn this skill on a professional level. After two semesters of digital imaging classes, my confidence level increased, and I began to reconsider my purpose in the Visual Communications Program.

Initially, I wasn’t seeking a professional career in Graphic Design, but I was committed to my education so i decided to do an internship with the Cecil College Marketing Department.

Participating in Cecil’s Internship program was beneficial to my learning experience, and by far the best decision I could have made. Through Cecil, I gained invaluable, hands-on experience that transformed my vision and gave me the confidence that I needed to press on in becoming a career minded graphic design artist. Along with this confidence,came a deep appreciation, and love for Illustration and Graphic Design.

During my journey, I became particularly interested in card design, illustration, and cartooning. My final portfolio reflects this pilgrimage, and displays my love for retrospection and nostalgia. If I have learned anything about my work, I have learned that my work is a lot like me, a bit dramatic, whimsical, and sometimes sketchy. I like to use geometric shapes with vibrant contrasting colors and combine them with simple typography. This is a common theme found in my work.

Sometimes I can be my own worst critic, but I possess a very strong work ethic. I have a strict attention to detail, but I am passionate about creating images that are fun and of supreme quality.








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December 16, 2015