Ashleigh Kazor

Spring 2023, Art and Design Program


Artist Statement

Influenced by music and emotions, my work is often realistic, exploring a range of subject matter from portraits to nature to album cover design. Some work combines lighthearted images with dark motifs. I enjoy putting a strange or creepy twist on characters reminiscent of Tim Burton’s work. I draw dark, demonic creatures mixing in pretty flowers or appealing scenery. This combination gives whimsical subjects a darker feel and the potential to draw in the viewer for closer inspection.

The bands I listen to, particularly Palaye Royale and drummer/artist, Emerson Barrett, inspire me to draw. Barrett’s work challenges me to work outside of my comfort zone such as incorporating buildings or architecture into my work. History, specifically the history of objects and fashion, is a big influence that is shown in most of my work. Other influences include travel and family. I enjoy bringing the beauty I see in nature, historical objects and love to the canvas and sharing those ideas with the viewer. 

I use graphite because of the simplicity and rawness of it. I like to use acrylic because of its fast drying times and how versatile it is. The colors I use depend on what will fit the piece the best. I use brighter colors for some and darker colors for others. The media I choose also depends on the piece. I work in a variety of media including graphite, acrylic, fabric and digital. I’m also inspired by my great grandmother to try painting on antique saws and other found objects. I’ve been working off and on on a historically accurate 18th century dress for the last 6 years.