Adelene Cavazzini


My name is Addy Cavazzini and my creations involve painting, drawing, photography, photo editing, digital art, and occasionally resin and wire wrapping of crystals/stones for pendants. My biggest motive for art is the desire to produce something unrealistic. The world is a beautiful inspiration, but there remains a need for more than what there is. I like to combine bright colors and psychedelic aspects to natural beings or surroundings. Most works start out with something we can physically see, hear, or touch. The element of creativity is added to morph the reality into a new one that is not bound by any rules. Making art is so important to me because it provides hope that there is more to this world than what we experience. My website is and my instagram is @dreams_i_created. Contact me:

Enjoy 🙂


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November 24, 2020