Abigail Graham

Fall 2023, Cecil College Art and Design Program



Creativity is a way for me to escape reality, but it’s also a way for me to comprehend what reality is through symbolism and narration. It’s also a form of communication, a way in which real world situations can be presented through the lenses of my characters. 

I desire to tell stories through my detail-oriented art style. My work examines how people think, behave, and make decisions based on internal and external conflict. Inspired by dreams, fantasy, and surrealism, I take real-life scenarios and mirror them on canvas or paper through meaningful illustrations and paintings, but in a fairytale style. Using mediums such as collage, paint, colored pencil, and pen and ink, I create intricate environments and place my characters in complex narratives.  

My aspiration is to express myself through my work and present illustrations that are eye-catching, heart-felt, and meaningful to a wide range of audiences. These pieces also reflect topics such as human desires, relationships, maturity, and morality. I hope to express my view of the world and give my audience the chance to think about how they see the world as well.