Benjamin Bagrowski 


Spring 2024, Cecil College Visual Communications Program



Benjamin Bagrowski graduated from Rising Sun High School in 2024. Now graduating from Cecil College with a degree in Visual Communications in Film, he has learned many things throughout his time at Cecil. Ben has always been interested in film, and Cecil has only allowed his love to grow. He is planning on attending a film school in the near future and continuing to expand his knowledge before going into the industry in the future. 

Cecil TV – Artists Statement

My capstone project for the spring semester of 2024 I obtained an internship at Cecil TV, a local organization dedicated to providing news to the local area. Working as a camera operator, I developed and refined my skills. Most of my work produced this semester can be found on the Cecil TV website, as I helped to create many of the recent episodes. 

Some of the other images listed here are images I have created over the recent semester due to my skills I obtained through other Visual Communication courses from Cecil College. 

Noir – “The Streets of Sugondese” Capstone Project 

This was my capstone project from the fall semester of 2023 at Cecil for Video Production 3. This course required me to create an entire short film, which I all completed on a broken foot. The film uses classic film noir techniques and aspects to create a dated piece, playing in to the classic plot, lighting, sound, and more of a classic Noir film.