Ethan Kellum Capstone Portfolio


Instagram: @e.k.illustrated

I invite you to contact me with any questions. I am also available for commissions, logo design, fine illustration work, and much more. I look forward to working with you! 

Fall 2023, Cecil College Associates of Fine Arts


Ethan Kellum

My name is Ethan Kellum, and I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, I was always sketching and doodling in classes or during any free moment I had. I strongly believe that art is a phenomenal creative outlet, and it can be used to understand and explore parts of yourself that are otherwise inaccessible. It has been there for me in my most difficult times, and at times has had a healing presence in my life. Art has been a lifelong passion of mine and I strive to create work that expresses my unique perspectives on my surroundings and the world around me.

My work has always been primarily inspired by music, poetry and the human experience. I believe art is at its most effective when it’s able to connect with the viewer on an emotional level. I strive to create work with the primary objective of evoking an emotion from the viewer. Art can be interpreted in many different ways and as an artist I don’t shy away from that truth. I focus on designing compositions that work to create a cohesive visual narrative within the piece, and I welcome the various interpretations viewers find within my work.

I use mostly digital mediums as it gives me the most freedom and offers an unparalleled amount of tools to use in the pieces i create. Though a good piece of paper and a #2 pencil are still favorites of mine, as they provide a gestural quality not present in most digital work. I often sketch my ideas out on paper and then transfer the sketches to digital programs like Procreate to finish bringing the piece to life.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in multiple galleries and art shows at Cecil College and the Newark Arts Alliance. When I was 19, I was able to illustrate a children’s book, entitled To Who You Will Be, the book was well received and written about in The Cecil Whig newspaper and other news outlets. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, and several local stores around the area including The Palette and The Page in Elkton, MD, and Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE. I am currently working on my next book to be published and I cannot wait to share more information! I am an Art and Design major with a double concentration in Graphic Design and Drawing and Painting at Cecil College, I plan to graduate from Cecil in the Spring of 2024; and to then transfer to an art school to pursue my BFA and master’s degree in art education. My goal is to share my work and ideas with the world, and hopefully show just how powerful art can be.