AP Davis

Spring 2023, Cecil College


In art, I value existence. I aim at capturing the fluid emotion of my own visual stream of consciousness. Represented by expressions, figures, and colors, I find pleasure in exposing the unspoken. My motive is concise: I am alive and want to capitalize on it. Inspired by sound, eroticism, violence, and queerness, my work is iridescent by nature.

In recent developments, paints and pastels have been my primary mediums. There’s a glint in oil that other mediums can’t quite mimic. I enjoy thick brushstrokes and smudges that feel effortless. I so love the spontaneity of these mediums. They encourage me to be more fluid and less uptight. Plus, they radiate a pigment that pleases the eye.

I’ve spent most of my years in involuntary exile. Abuse throughout my childhood led to self-isolation as an adult. But, overtime I found a sense of community in the great world of art. And then suddenly, my life became shareable. As an artist, my proudest moments are when people feel enriched by my work. My art invites the viewer to explore the irregular. Whether you feel puzzled, alarmed, or aroused, it’s all in efforts of provoking a like response: 

Existence is intimate