Curriculum Details for Associate of Arts, Music + Voice

Award: Associate of Arts

Degree Code: APAV

Number of Credits: 69

Program Description

The music program provides students with performing experience, practical career skills, and applied technique as a foundation for advancement in music. Solid training in classical and/or contemporary techniques is given in individual lessons with participation in music ensemble performances every semester. This program helps students to prepare for transfer to a four-year institution, internships, and employment or career advancement in the areas of performance, education, administration and production. This is accomplished in an open access, optimal learning environment for students’ educational, cultural, and economic development.

Transfer Information

Cecil College has articulation agreements with Maryland and regional institutions. Click on “Transfer Opportunities” in MyCecil under the Advising Tab for a list of transfer pathways. In addition, transfer information is available through ARTSYS (The Articulation System of Maryland). Contact your advisor for detailed information.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level on their main instrument or vocal part
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of tonal harmony
  • Demonstrate functional proficiency in aural theory (ear training) and sight singing
  • Demonstrate proper use of basic hardware and software tools of music technology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of vocal repertoire

Career Opportunities

Education, performance, composing and arranging, conducting, music therapy, recording industry and communications.

Required Courses

General Education Requirements
Number Title Credits
ARTS/HUM Arts & Humanities Elective [H] (Choose from ART or THE disciplines)1 3
EGL 101 Freshman Composition [E] 3
EGL 102 Composition and Literature [H] 3
MAT Math Elective [M] 3
MUC 128 Introduction to Audio Technology [I] 3
MUC 122 or
MUC 135 or
MUC 136 or
MUC 104 or
MUC 143
Music Appreciation [H]
History of Rock [H]
Survey of World Music [H]
Guitar Class [H]
Music Fundamentals [H]
SCI Science Electives [S/SL]2 7
SOC SCI Social Science Electives [SS]3 6
Program Requirements
Number Title Credits
MUC 110 Music Theory & Musicianship I 4
MUC 111 Music Theory & Musicianship II 4
MUC 210 Music Theory & Musicianship III 4
MUC 211 Music Theory & Musicianship IV 4
MUC 102 Piano Class I 1
MUC 114 Piano Class II 1
MUC 263 Diction for Singers I (Eng./Ital.) 2
MUC 264 Diction for Singers II (Fr./Ger.) 2
MUL Voice Individual Music Lessons 8
MUC Chamber Choir 8

1 See current Cecil College Catalog for approved General Education courses in this category or contact the music faculty for more information.
2 Courses must be from two different disciplines. At least one course must include a corresponding lab.
3 Courses must be from two different disciplines.

Recommended Sequence

The following is a recommended sequence of courses for completing this program as a full-time student. Developmental and prerequisite course requirements, credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress. Students should consult their degree audit at MyCecil or an academic advisor for individual degree planning.

Fall I (15 credits)
MUC 110 Music Theory and Musicianship I
MUC 102 Piano Class I
MUC 124 Chamber Choir I
MUC 160 Voice I Individual Lessons
MUC 161 Voice II Individual Lessons
EGL 101 Freshman Composition
ARTS/HUM Arts and Humanities Elective (ART or THE disciplines)
Spring I (15 credits)
MUC 111 Music Theory and Musicianship II
MUC 114 Piano Class II
MUC 125 Chamber Choir II
MUC 128 Introduction to Audio Technology
MUL 163 Voice III Individual Lessons
MUL 164 Voice IV Individual Lessons
EGL 102 Composition and Literature
Summer I (6 credits)
MAT Math Elective
SCI Science Elective
Fall II (16 credits)
MUC 210 Music Theory and Musicianship III
MUC 224 Chamber Choir III
MUC 263 Diction for Singers I (Eng./Ital.)
MUL 260 Voice V Individual Lessons
MUL 261 Voice VI Individual Lessons
SOC SCI Social Science Elective
Spring II (17 credits)
MUC 211 Music Theory and Musicianship IV
MUC 225 Chamber Choir IV
MUC 264 Diction for Singers II (Fr./Ger.)
MUL 263 Voice VII Individual Lessons
MUL 264 Voice VIII Individual Lessons
SCI Science Elective
SOC SCI Social Science Elective